Boss: we need to make a website.
Dev: we fired the web dev
Boss: you do it then
Dev: I am a mobile dev
Boss: dont care you are a developer

Tbh he isnt wrong but i just hate web development.

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    Great opportunity to ask for a raise. 👍
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    Yup do it free once and you'll do it free as long as u r in the same company, if they raise, they make a small one. It's ur chance to get a raise 😀
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    Run. If you do it and it turns out fine, congrats, you're the new webdev (without a raise of course), if you do it and it turns out horrid you're a failure that can't develop shit, the only way to win this game is not to play.
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    Still haven't met a developer that loves web development... #justsaying
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    @eto303 probably because all tools for webdev are terrible and it's just an intransparent field in general.
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    mobile is the new web or should i say web is the new mobile (ahem... JS+Cordova/Ionic)
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    @billgates cordova/ionic are kinda old, react native and etc. are the future imo
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    I have said yes to all opportunities. Now I know many things and never say "no I can't". All new things are good to know.
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    @eto303 I'm fine with js and html its css that gets me.
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    @eto303 I actually love web development.
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    @eto303 I like web development :l
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