If programming languages were weapons.

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    So if you use C you're a huge nerd,
    C++ you're the kind of person to buy something hugely impractical and swear by its usefulness.
    C# you're a babby?

    That's about right yeah.
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    My Prius disapproves.
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    Boy do i love processing data with a butter knife
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    @runfrodorun I once read that the "gang of four" design patterns were originally designed to cover for something that C++ lacked out of the box. That's why Java et al. work the way they do, to provide out of the box flexibility that C++ doesn't have. Not knocking C++ but if I can get something out of the box rather than having to write it and maintain it myself, I call it a win. That and at a certain point, the ability to do a simple thing 30 ways annoys me, and that's how dynamic memory type things feel to me.
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    @runfrodorun I would argue that that is one of the strengths of C# though. That it's that flexible. That I don't have to know what the object is I am being given in order to work with it. As long as it implements the interface I am expecting it to, I can work on it with a simple cast. It makes plug and play modules for frameworks exceptionally easy and safe to work with, which is basically my job now. The whole thing used to be written in C++ and when we got the money to convert the thing to C# we did so as fast as we could because it made working and talking between 6-7 different products owned by 3-4 different companies so much easier and much more cost effective.
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    Somebody love perl
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