Stakeholder: Users are connecting invalid memberships to their web accounts. They shouldn’t be able to do that.

Me: Their memberships were valid when they set up the account. Your team’s record de-duping project is the issue here. You decided to mark those memberships as invalid.

I’m real tired of this stakeholder acting like this is a website issue or user error. Plus, this chaos could have been avoided if they and other involved stakeholders had just cc’d me on this de-duping project. I would have said their approach was not a good idea. But they didn’t because they want to do what’s convenient for them. If they want to be a reliable source of truth for our data, then they need to be responsible with how they’re handling that data.

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    People often forget that data is like sand passing through the engine of your system. Just because it worked perfectly during the test phase, and no line of code changed, it does not mean everything will work perfectly forever.
    Some day, some red herring data point will come and raise a fucking exception, or your business rules will crumble when exposed to time, or the volume will strain your resources...
    It's nearly impossible to test data apps throughly. So it is easier to blame the messenger, i.e. the data entry / data viz website
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