Not really a dev habit, but a habit many devs have.
My beyond fucked up sleep schedule.

I've woken up at 8 and went to sleep at 12 for two days, and I'm beyond happy with the purely accidental progress I've made, really hope to not fuck it up this time like always.

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    What do you mean? Are you telling me sleeping from 2 to 8am and then taking one or two naps in the afternoon isn't a normal sleep schedule?
    Are you saying I shouldn't stay up an extra 10 hours on Fridays and then sleep through all of Saturday, reducing my weekend to a single day?!
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    Don't worry.
    One day, just one day, you'll wake up till late. Maybe partying, maybe solving a bug or watching a movie. Or maybe just a little anxiety.

    And the scheduled will be fxcked all over again.

    Happens with me all the time.
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