Best: how do you like your coffee?
Me: Black.

Got the internship

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    What does black coffee tell about you?
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    @A-0-C That maybe the guy knows coffeescript.
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    @A-0-C says he isn't picky and is a purist. Just my thoughts :P
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    @A-0-C No idea but what I do know about these type of questions is that they ask them to see how you react, you could put them in a more social category as type of question asked by an interviewer which are used to figure out the person you are in a more social environment. We also spoke about music etc.
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    Always take it black.

    Was on an interview today.

    "Yes thank you!"
    "Yes please"
    "You just scored yourself your first point"

    Got a call two hours later about making an appointment with the boss for my next interview ✌️Had to be the coffee 😁
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    Me: crisp
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    They would have also accepted "strong"
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    Most of my coworkers are crossfitting teadrinking hipsters, using laptop keyboards and tiny 13" laptop screens.

    I often feel like I'm the only "stereotype" developer, preferring a dark cozy room and a big mug of strong coffee/espresso, with an unnecessarily loud mech keyboard and three or more displays.

    To each their own, I won't judge. OK, maybe a little.
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    @bittersweet word up brother
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    "As dark as my themes" ;D
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    @bittersweet If by stereotype dev you mean the following.
    - 2 to 3 monitors
    - large mug of delicious black coffee
    - dark room
    - music from metal to blues to even some d&b
    - not bothered by how you look
    - overthinking the most simplest problems to figure out the best course of action

    You're definatly not the only stereotype dev
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    @sanse1992 afaik that's the norm, for now....
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