Just compleeeetteellyy messed up a technical interview.. stupid theory.. I can apply all that stuff but when I get asked to explain then . Well.. I messed up.

And the coding part, I had the right approach but had one big brainfart in it making the whole thing useless (pseudo code so couldnt test it). I realized just after the interview was finished..

I hate the feeling of failure.
Was a really nice position which is why I applied. Ah well, tonight is whiskey night I guess.

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    Next time will be better.

    Interviews are like that. You get better at them.
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    @lambda123 yea, same for me 😅 I'm a dev, not a CS teacher. I've never needed to know any of that theory in real life but I see how it's a good way for them to filter out some candidates.

    Although I have over 10y experience, I never went to college so my knowledge of the theory is a burning dumbster.
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    Have they told you you failed?

    A good interviewer would recognize brainfarts and take them for what they are and either ignore them or ask som followup questions.
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    We all screw up, I've screwed up plenty of stuff I just should have known. Learn from it, then onwards and upwards!
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    @Voxera no, not yet but I'm fairly confident they won't want me. Was the 2nd worst interview I ever had, I wouldn't even hire myself after that 😅
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    on one tech interview, i screwed something up in the coding part too, and realized it on my way home, so as soon as i arrived (i didn't have mobile data) home, i sent them a mail explaining and containing a fix.

    later when they hired me they said they took it as a big plus in making the decision.
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    @Midnight-shcode it shows you're taking initiative and you actually care about that job I guess 👍
    And it's out of the box to send in the solution out of the interview 😅
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    @just8littleBit yeah, that's basically what they said.
    i didn't send the whole solution, just the fixed line or two in the mail.
    but yeah, that's basically what they said.
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