Looking around where I work, I'm reminded of when I was young and ambitious, like all the other kids around me at the time, with a dislike for all the older dudes and dudettes in upper management. With the exception of three other guys around my age, everyone, including the CEO, was in high school, middle school, elementary school, or not even born yet when I started my career. Just like them, I was plucky and chatty and (trying to be) funny and social. I didn't know how fast I would go from that set to the old fat guy that they look askance at and wonder how I'm still around with my weird ways and "boomerish", socially retarded behavior. What's really galling is that I'm solidly Gen X, like some of them, but I guess I talk more like a Boomer because my parents were older when I was born and I was kinda raised in that mindset. I'm the office schlub now. A man out of my time. And I've never been in any kind of upper management, even. I am Kevin Malone.

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    You have a great chance to look like the "pointy-haired" boss
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    Sunny sweat it. Let the kids hang themselves and feed off the scraps they leave behind.

    You have one opportunity they don't.

    You can retire sooner and never have to deal with their bullshit.

    I'm certainly looking forward to it.
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    I reckon it would be fun to work with you lol
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