X: What do you wanna earn?

Me: Well the average is $$$.

X: Okay. We will pay you $.

Me: ... okay.... .... ... ... -_-''

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    One third of the average? ;)
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    @daniello do you know some ASCII for half dollar sign? ;-)
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    I would never recommend saying averages as most employers won't take these numbers seriously. State it as this is what I'm worth.
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    In my case, at the time, when I first interviewed in the company I work now, my soon to be employer asked me how much did I want to earn, it went like:

    (Let's establish the average as $)
    E: So, how much do you want to earn?
    M: Well, answering your question of how much I WANT to earn, the answer would be $$$$.
    E: You know that this can't be done hahahaha
    M: Well, then I ask YOU, how much you can pay me :)

    And that's how it all started. I love my boss
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    I said 6k above average, got it.
    It's all about how you sell yourself and convince them that you are worth paying this much.
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