Is anybody else nonstop recruited for what essentially chalk up to be excel or google calendar clones? God, all of these 5 mil + funded startups are web apps for TABLES... I mean WTF ARE WE DOING HERE FOLKS?!

The James Webb telescope is literally going to find the existence of life on exoplanets and meanwhile on earth fumbling around in the sandbox with these reinventions of reinventions of reinventions

Sometimes I feel like I'm in the wrong line of work

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    If it makes you feel better, mundane and boring tasks feed more people and keep our lives running than extra terrestrial explorations
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    JWT is running Microsoft Excel
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    And note taking apps.

    How can a VC invest in a fucking note taking app??? and multiple ones at that!
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    Just looking at any social network is enough. All these trash applications for dumb shit like tik tok etc.
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    @ars1 tiktok is up there among the worst things to happen for people living outside conflict areas like Ukraine and Xinjiang in recent few years
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    I mean, excel excels at being excel with insanely complex and versatile features, but it's also a Microsoft app with all the typical drawbacks.
    Google sheets support a fraction of Excel's functions, but it's a fast and stable webapp with a decent mobile app and a really useful API. It also requires that you sell your soul to a company which makes a point out of not disclosing any information not required by law and out of not having customer service.

    I'd say, even if the idea is nothing new, there's still room for improvement in the spreadsheet space.
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