This is the worst possible thing that can happen, when you setup a new computer.

I live for about a decade on ubuntu. I got an invite for a LAN where games are being played that I cannot run with wine or are not ported to linux.
Fine I get an old harddrive and setup a fresh Windows 7. I have a little update script that takes care of updating and restarting.
As you can see in the picture the original Windows 7 installation disc that was part of my computer did not carry the matching NIC drivers.

A friend of mine gave me a spare WiFi dongle. That did not bring its drivers on the USB dongle but on disc that he lost.

WHY?! HOW?! This is not plug and play. This is a part that SHOULD be plug and play.

After I got an other WiFi dongle that was plug and play, I could finally download the right drivers.

Why can the Windows 7 disc that was part of the computer setup not contain the right drivers, but a ubuntu 12.04 live disc can?!

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    Install windows 10? Most likely you don't need to install any drivers for your Ethernet then.

    Because Windows 7 only has limited network drivers build in. If you have an business pc, you can request from the manufacturer, for example HP, an win 7 install cd, this are modified installers with all needed drivers injected.

    Linux often uses generic drivers / drivers or range drivers that support an wide range of the network models.
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    Your installing a product from a RTM disk that was made in 2009. Your Linux installer is far newer and bootstraps from sources online, so they pretty much only need to cover network drivers and basic system hardware, and download the rest.

    You expect the disk from 2009 to contain drivers for hardware that is newer than when it was created?

    If anything, blame your OEM for shipping you a disk and not loading the drivers onto it, not the OS for not shipping a driver for every hardware configuration on the planet.
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    That's why you get the drivers before you install a new system. It's really not that hard, don't blame Windows for your own lack of common sense.
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