I find smart watches so rude.

You are talking to someone and the bloody watch goes dinggg..

So the person you are talking to, stops listening, checks their smart watch, and performs whatever action they want before getting back to the conversation.

I fucking hate it. Not only you are rude to me, but also broke the chain of thought and rhythm of the conversation.

Fuck you and fuck your smart watch.

The other day I saw the office boy and the janitor wearing a smart watch. Mind you, the salaries of these folks is not more than $250 a month. Yet they have a top quality smart phone and a smart watch, where the combo usually costs more than their monthly salary.

It's important to consume and show off, than to make the bloody ends meet.

A monkey world.

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    Wait.. the graphic design ops team gets $300 a month as a salary. So the office boy and janitor will be getting around $150 a month.

    Yes, welcome to third world salaries.
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    @Floydimus That is not chocking here.

    I see people who doesn't work and gets money from some social welfare center riding big bad-ass cars, have latest iphone + smartwatch.

    Other working colleagues struggle to pay the electricity bills.
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    Wow, that's wild. And I thought pay was low where I am.

    It sucks that tech costs about the same all over the world, but then I remember how's the real estate market in the US for example and I calm down.
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    To be fair, it's not really the fault of the watch if your conversation partner goes full monke mode when hearing a ring sound
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    @12bitfloat watch enables this behaviour.
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    @catgirldev agreed.

    However, unless the smartphone is in hand, the user won't check immediately if it dings. Will only pull it out if someone is calling.

    The whole point of smart watches was to make it easier to access the phone content.
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    @catgirldev It's not the same with a phone, unless it's already in your hand as you're talking. If it's in your pocket, one would generally respond immediately only if it's an incoming call.

    Edit: I kind of wrote the same thing as @Floydimus before reading it.
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    @catgirldev things come at cost.
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    @kamen great minds think alike. Lol
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    I think, as usual, the problem is in plain site - not their wrist, but the head.
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    Having a smartwatch might actually help me focus on conversations more, rather than less (although it probably wouldn't look like it to an observer). When my phone goes off in my pocket, I have to fight the urge to take it out and check. That distracts me, and it's a continuous distraction until I either forget or give up and pull out my phone.

    If I have a smartwatch, I can just glance at a notification, determine whether it requires an immediate response, and if not, refocus on the conversation again.
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    I agree they should put the smartwatch in silent mode, but earning $250 or being poor doesn’t mean you should private yourself from luxury. It may require sacrificing things that are more important, like buying shitty food so you can save money, but you have the right to like pretty things.
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    I don't get the point of them. It's an even shittier smartphone. And smartphones are already mediocre or terrible at most things they do, other than phone calls and messaging.
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    @12bitfloat I agree with you and @Floydimus how is this different from a phone or the internet?
    Don't blame the medium blame the abuser.

    If they're is no watch these people would do something else like constantly holding/checking a phone just in case the Facebook post got a like.
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    @Floydimus Also it seems to be a common theme in poor countries.
    In Latin America you see flashy cars, big tv, a ton of plastic surgery yet being dirt poor.
    In Asian countries and India in particular the culture idolises what you see not what's behind the scenes. A director, manager/supervisor, professor taking credit is the norm from what I understand.

    I guess that is why you stick out... Better life choices and comprehension.
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    @hjk101 Being poor and having a cool TV is more enjoyable than just being poor. No many flashy cars in my country though, when there is poverty there is crime and you shouldn’t call attention.
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    @vintprox it indeed is. However, we are re-programming our behaviours. Making things easier to access and more convenient, leading to such changes. Who to blame now?

    @EmberQuill that's the whole point, when you are conversing with someone, unless it's a phone call, the etiquette say that we must be fully present and attentive towards the person in front of us. Phone calls require real time response, responding to a notification defeats the entire purpose of asynchronous communication.

    How ironic that you are willing to attend someone who is not present while ignoring the one in front of you.

    @cucatrap that's what capitalism and consumerism teaches you, showing off is more important than survival. Someone one's rightly said, it's all shine and glory, scratch the surface and it's debt and ramen. Keep consuming..

    @ars1 lol more consumption. Corporate greed.

    @hjk101 check my response above.
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    @hjk101 your second comment is so fucking spot on. You just articulated something that I couldn't.

    Most of my cousins straight up lie about their job, position, salary, promotion, everything because there is no way anyone could verify. They put themselves in good light in front of family and everyone feels they are rock stars while I keep low, they feel I am a daily wager struggling to meet ends.

    And most relatives blindly beleive what is marketed to them and it annoys me so much. How can they not see the obvious? How can they not critically think? How can they not scratch the surface to find more information?

    Indians are retard and which is why I dislike this place. No self awareness, no critical thinking. Just blind leading the blind.
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    @cucatrap 100% agree with you.

    But if you have to go to the foodbank (or what ever you call it to get a minimum of free food) but still own a 60 inch oled tv, you have the wrong priorities and cannot manage money.

    (This is again maybe not the person's fault. But society in global...)
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    @Grumm Yeah, if you can’t even buy cheap food then it is crazy. Buying stuff that cost the same or more than your salary isn’t that crazy here though, having a salary that equals the price of a 60 inch TV makes you upper class (and a programmer, probably).
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    @cucatrap Depends on the country.

    Here I see a lot of people who take loans for tv's, latest iphones yet struggle to get food or basic needs.

    All the stores have payment plans for crap and guess who falls in these traps...

    Like @Floydimus said, all shine and glory on the surface.
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    @hjk101 fuck facebook, burn them into the ground, and kill Mark zuckerberg on site.
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    I thought how stupid an idea it was to make a smart device with a 1.5 inch screen personally
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    A world of monkeys lol
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