Well, at least they're being honest about it

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    Finally someone who doesn't call bloatware folders "lifestyle" or "usefull". But it's still bloatware... Time to flash a new rom or modify the original...
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    My s8 came with very few bloatware, almost none. Only like 4 bloat apps, where 2 (gear and samsung member) was uninstallable. (it was a script in system that runs on first startup that installs a few of the bloat, so its uninstallable)
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    foreach ($smartphones as $smartphone) {
    if ($smartphone->manufacturer()->name() == 'OnePlus') continue;
    install(['bloatware' => true]);
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    @sebastian Can you uninstall Skype on your S8? Because I can't
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    @aaxa no skype cannot be uninstalled
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    @sebastian I can't imagine how huge a sum Microsoft must have paid Samsung to block that
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    @sebastian your forgetting TouchWiz too 😋
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    @anth12 Yeah but even if it cant be uninst, it isnt taking huge soace and if you replace with for ex. Lightning launcher, it will not take any resources while not running. you can force stop touchwiz and it wont restart if you have another launcher
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    @nigiri buuutttt OnePlus does not install bloatware 👀👀
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    @nigiri What about Google?
    They don't install bloatware since the very first Nexus device
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    And that’s a bitchy move! Give fucking control to your user! It’s their fucking phone you bitch!
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