I often come into heated discussions with my colleague about whats the better programming language so I want to ask you - what's better:

C# or Java (from an overall standpoint)?

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    This is a tough one. I favor java. C# basically took everything Java had and built on it. I personally prefer Java
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    If you are starting a new language, new project and either will be running on windows or can go directly to c# on net core, go with c#.

    But if you already know java, have existing solutions in java or many colleagues that know java but no with c# skills, go for java.

    Oracle has stepped up development and are implementing many of the advantages that c# has had.

    Personally I prefer c#. But switching a whole environment is a major undertaking that will be very hard to count home.
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    Everyone I know hates Java. Though, I want to learn it.
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    It depends on what your code runs on. Windows can use the full .NET framework, there is Core for Linux and Mac, and Micro for embedded.

    I know Java VM can run in many systems, but how to target them I don't know as I don't use it.
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    There is one thing I love about C#: WPF
    Not Java
    Not Cross Platform (WPF not implemented in Mono afaik)
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    What screwdriver is better? Philips or Slotted?
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    I never look at it like that. Php, C#, Java, Objective-C, Python... all tools that are required to perform certain tasks. No big deal. I like them all. The problem comes from when you try to use one to do what another was intended for ... like Xamarin studio, why the hell would you want to use C# to build an app for iOS and android. That is some shit I will never understand ... just learn the damn language or get out of the biz.
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    From an overall standpoint what's the better human: male or female?
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    Java. Cross-platform, one easy JAR file, native Android apps, don't you forget


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    Java. C# is good too though.
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    @calmyourtities and you don't have to pay for a server license to run it on. And your server will take less resources for the OS. And so on, and so on.
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    Probably C#, Only real problem with it is the documentation. Sure it's well written and a fantastic API reference if you already know what you're doing, but in terms of guides and tutorials you've got;

    "Print hello world"

    With precisely fuck all in between.
    Derek Banas has been a great resource on YouTube for the core language but he's been frustratingly quiet on how to actually build something useful with it using WPF/UWP + XAML
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    @lewdogg that's actually a very good point!
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    Neither is best, neither is worse. The choice of language to solve a problem in should be an ESSENTIAL part of the process of defining the best way to solve the problem, instead of a pre-selected pain in the ass roadblock to doing things right.
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    @Scrumplex I read your comment at first as you like WCF and my first thought was what kind of monster is this person. That's why you always read things twice.
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