So, I'm stuck...

I'm very passionate about technology. Coding and development and soldering together some raspberry pi or arduino project gets me all swept up in a false sense of belonging & sense of purpose. It's just always been my biggest passion...

As well as it has simultaneously been an elusive dream, driven away by circumstances and some pretty shitty decision making on my end... But, it's always a recurring theme and source of illumination through some dark moments... Abandonment of my dreams isn't an option.... I spent 10+ years on heroin and somehow still have the ability to dredge up some hope, surely I can finally get my foot/hand/ball sack in the door of my dreams... right??

Anyways, to sum up my ability in regard to technology/coding etc.... I'm a highly motivated and passionate Beginner-intermediate level tech enthusiast with a little html, css, Java, markdown/git know how, advanced soldering/PC building ability... With a high need to remain studious and get my ass balls deep in some computuh' learnin' circles.

In all seriousness, I really would like to be graciously provided with some communities and groups of folks that would assist me upon my path, and possibly ways I could slide into some sort of tech based career/job while amassing my IT abilities.

I am willing, but incapable of starting off in the right direction & in need of some guidance to firmly trod on towards my goals...

PS: I'm totally not a 32 year old man desperately in need of some guidance and reassurance... cause that'd make me some kinda loser or something... pfffft... I won't be 32 until 06/08.... so all is well and good 👍

Thanks in advance peeps. Later!

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    Hi friend! First of all, I applaud you candor. Asking for help is always the first step in the right direction. We're all in this together.

    Two questions (not demeaning or anything, but they're kinda important)
    1. Are you clean or still using?
    2. Do you have a degree?
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    Thank you! I am clean & no degree unfortunately :/
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    Good job on getting clean, friend. The rest is gonna be a cakewalk in comparison :)

    Without a degree you options are sadly somewhat limited; PC and phone repair shops often value a practical approach more than a degree: you may get some applied hardware skills that way.

    Alternative approach would be to learn TypeScript (or JavaScript) and create a small portfolio of apps to showcase: a lot of people have app ideas but don't have the skills to develop them themselves. There's work there for everyone; but self-employed carries its own bag of challenges and risks (and can be immensely rewarding too).

    If you have the patience and dedication, there are a bunch of evening or mail classes that do award degrees; stand clear of LinkedIn "certifications" and MOOCs... Most of them are garbage and recruiters are learning to disregard them alltogether.
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    Congrats on completing the first step in your journey, in which area would you like to be in? I agree with @rantydev, repair shops can be a good place to start for cash
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    I started my bachelors when I was in my 30s, including a couple of years where I had to basically redo high school since I dropped out.

    I don't know what the culture is like over there, but here in norway they are screaming for devs of any skill. Being able and willing to figure things out weighs more than an existing skillset.

    I would maybe look at creating a simple (and I mean bordering-on-pointless grade simple) project which you could point at and talk about during interviews. Imagine having two candidates with no experience, they both say they have a passion and an eagerness to learn, but one of them made a basic react app hosted in some cloud service while expressing curiosity, not mastery.
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    How about going through a coding bootcamp? You’ll meet people from all walks of life and you’ll improve your skills quickly if you work hard at it
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    Living with autism and bipolar, I feel you. The thing that helps me live is expressing what I want to express without thinking about marketing my abilities and earning money. When things align, and at my job I do what I love, it's good. But when it's not the case, for me, the number one priority is my personal projects I earn no money from. Without that, I would've probably already end that all.

    The time that remains, I spend working. Counterintuitively, the amazing job I have now, I found because they noticed one of my side-projects.

    From what you wrote, I SMELL IoT, and I want to make either a smart pressure-profiling espresso machine, or a guitar effects pedal with ten delays you can connect in series or parallel with each other however you want

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    @black-kite I actually messed with courseras Google IT professional certification for a couple weeks because it was fully free. Needless to say, it had its uses but overall I wouldn't pay for it...

    Any suggestions on a coding boot camp? Preferably one that is android compatible, simply for ease of access. Thanks in advance!
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    @matt-jd I would like to do some web development, maybe some A+ hardware installation & repairs... and ofc some software tinkering.
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    If I was a boss and you said to me “I’m just trying to get my ballsack in the door” I would laugh so fucking hard and probably hire you.
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    @BoltzmannBrainn Well for webdev you don't really need a degree so thats good, maybe start with some tutorials and progress in the direction you want to go. JS is very forgiving and html is very straightforward
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    @matt-jd yeah I actually picked up a solid understanding of html without actual step work/instruction. Kinda just inspected html based webpages and copy/pasted code + added enough personal flair to where a template would totally pass for minor plagiarism. Haha.
    And CSS/sass is coming along with js trailing in close.

    I just need to find some active instant messaging chats/communities to where I can always inquire and offer any insight where I can.
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    @phat-lasagna oh I'm tryna take a couple steps in the backdoor before my balls assert their presence with a fleshy klack.

    So yes phat-lasagna... I can be your backdoor man. 😉
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    @kiki thanks for your insight! I've noticed from rants/posts across this community that you present a good deal of knowledge and character, and I highly respect that!

    So that leaves me in the unfortunate situation to where I'm obligated to ask.... Is there an easy way to communicate with you if/when I have inquiries or critique? Sorry if I'm overstepping my quaint little boundaries, but I have an ITch that's becoming insatiable. 😅
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    @BoltzmannBrainn of course. @mvoloskov at telegram
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    @kiki ok cool, gonna Add you In Just a few!! been a good while since I've used telegram! My username should be the same or similar to this one.
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    @BoltzmannBrainn I read this and now I don’t want to eat breakfast anymore
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