Just an idea...

Fuck scam calls and texts. I feel like wrapping their phone cords around their necks and beating them with the handset.

So short story long, I'm looking at developing a website that has a list of websites and endpoints for text and call subscriptions. The stupider the better. Enter the annoying phone number or email address, subscribe them to every damn service on the list, and let the fun begin.

Has anyone got any such websites they'd like included?

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    Sadly most of them fake the number displayed on the phone.
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    I used to work at a telemarketer back in 2012.

    My job was to book the meetings for the "Insurance guys" in a big Insurance company b2b.

    Even tho I often had great leads, and 8 out 10 times could save company's alot of money, I'd still get told occasionally to go f*ck my self in a variety of creative ways..

    Thinking back, that job really sucked....
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    How do you verify that only the bad guys are targeted?
    Using and/or providing the service might be illegal depending on the jurisdiction.
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    such sites already exist.
    but maintaining them is fulltime unpaid kob because scammers can change all of that in two days
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    @saucyatom depends what you view bad guys as... 😂
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    @Midnight-shcode true that. Sigh. Back to firebombs and murder.
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