The right timing.

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    Good description of how invasive some people are and how they just can't mind their own business. Often feels like them barging in uninvited and then somehow enforcing their roles and people on you xD
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    Is this somehow related to a thread about bath water?
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    On the flip-side, I used newsgroups *a lot* and it was friendly/feminine names that got the most help. Kelly, Nicole, etc.

    A fellow dev, 'Stephanie', was commenting about the nastiness she experienced on some forums ( she used a non-gender-specific name) and I suggested she use her real name. As an experiment I had her ask a newbie question, I think it was how to I change the caption of a TButton (yes, Delphi). She must have had 20 responses within an hour. No 'show me your boobs' or anything nasty like that. I told her she is now 'established' and any problem and *any question* she had would be answered.

    Maybe times have changed.
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    @PaperTrail this has a name in russian. It’s called “female name in the ‘from’ field syndrome”. It is indeed present, an older equivalent of white-knighting
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    @kiki > "older equivalent of white-knighting"

    I'm not sure that's a bad thing. I personally haven't experienced it, but from others, we need a lot more "white knights"* and less of the toxicity.

    * Includes all colors and genders of individuals.
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    @PaperTrail white knights themselves are often toxic as fuck. Think "how dare you call her names, she's a woman, they're obviously not smart enough to tell you to fuck off properly, well I'm here to do that". This was just one pattern. Think 1000 patterns like this, some subtle, some not, amplified
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    @PaperTrail This is definitely true, but it's only nice on the surface.

    If you ask questions, you get answers.
    If you provide answers, you get questioned.
    If you contribute, the quality is always questioned.
    If you offer something new, it's rarely taken seriously, and sometimes ridiculed.

    It looks like friendliness on the surface, but underneath it's patronizing, insulting, infuriating.
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    Love @Root or hate her, she's telling straight facts.
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    *arbitrary far-fetched joke about the word "straight" in the sentence above*
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    @kiki > "This was just one pattern."

    I hope that is the exception. I must have automatic filters that keep that kind of d-baggery off my plate of spaghetti.

    If I'm an ass to someone online, it's very likely intentional and justified.

    For example, today, dev sent me a message about not being able to log into our Octopus Deploy portal. I look at his login...looked fine...then I thought..."I'll bet he changed his Active Directory password and trying to login using his old password"

    Me: "Did you change your password?"

    Dev: "Yea, about 10 minutes ago. Why do you ask?"

    Me: "I'm going to take your mouse and flush it down the toilet."

    Dev: "Duuuude! WTF?"

    Me: "If you don't figure this out in 30 seconds, I'm taking apart your chair and flushing the screws too."

    Dev: "Oh crap...I'm locked out of everything...I'll message Networking ...sorry!"

    End-user, OK, I understand, but a developer with same amount of seniority? No..no..no. No time to be nice.
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    @PaperTrail so...he changed his password, tried logging using the old pw and didn’t know why he wasn’t getting in? That’s a little scary...
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    @TeachMeCode > "That’s a little scary..."

    Our Octopus Deploy instance has mixed authentication and devs often forget that when they re-login after they change their AD password. Octopus prompts you as it should, but use whatever the browser auto-fills for the password. He tried 3 times and it locked his AD account, then messaged me.

    I'm 85% sure he was saying "Asshole" after my first response.

    Not the first, won't be the last.
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    @rarboot IRC is forever the place to be.
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    @Hazarth you mean of course the feminist cyber Nazi right?
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    @Root I never game a damn who answered my questions online nor did anyone really identify their gender in irc unless they were cyberwhoring half the time or trying to hook up or a 50 year old Russian dude pretending to be a girl.
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    @Root and you only say that because you were once a girl
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    @AvatarOfKaine Kindly go away.
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    @Root hehe I knew that would get your attention lol couldn't resist another comment even one hehe
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    @Root ps quick trying to ban people to remove content if you haven't noticed we all wasted half our lives doing this.

    When damaged trouble making idiots could have instead not tried to brain fry half the country and enable the widespread disorder presently being witnessed in which the soul of the world died. So little damaged troublemaking idiots could pretend to fight over things they don't care about just because they think it will disrupt the ease of life of ordinary people by making life impossible to live

    I think a couple thousand moments of fun later quite a few of people like THEM would agree with people like John !
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    @AvatarOfKaine that's a wolfenstein reference right?
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    In times and threads like this, I am reminded to humble myself that I was one of the men fooled by kiki's leg pics.

    You'd think theres enough boobs on the internet without hordes of dudes making boobs of themselves by asking for pics of MORE boobs.
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