“An engineer?!… An open, shining mind, easy and inoffensive humour, this wide reach, they’re switching from one engineering realm to another, and really, from tech problems to society, then — to art. Those manners, that fine taste, good speech, coherent and free of filler words. One engineer is also a musician, another one — an artist, but all of them have those smart eyes…”

this text is not for managers like you.

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    I translated this Soviet billboard because if it wasn't for me, no one would've done it.
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    It’s paradoxical how I tried to seek shelter in coding only to find out it fuelled my thirst for art even more. At the end of every day I’d find myself orbiting around the artists in the company I worked in, until the moment of truth: good coding is part logic, part creativity (bad coding is mostly copy/paste) and to fuel creativity in general makes you more hungry for art in general.

    I started drawing recently, cause it became increasingly harder to find excuses not to join the company artists in my free time while feeling thorn about it.

    Sad that managers boil everything down to: do quick make munneh. We could create systems which would benefit the whole company and yet we find ourselves to re-invent the wheel for the nth time… again and again.
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    Ah yes, let me suck my own dick some more with claims how we engineers are godlike, full of all that is good, and oh so higher than y'all common folk, all while being oh so benevolant.

    Yep, this definitely smells soviet xD
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    Is this a russian meme? 🤔
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    @hinst a Soviet one. Look at that typeface and that wood.
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    @SoldierOfCode but where's the borscht comrade?
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