Uncle- What do you do?

Me- I'm a software engineer

Uncle- My brother's friend's son is also a software engineer.

Me- (so what am I supposed to do about it?) yes that's nice

Uncle- I have a great idea, u should implement, I'm just telling you, it is a revolutionary idea

Me- (oh fuck, not again) yes tell

Uncle- you should make a matrimonial site which tracks what people do on internet and tell their to-be-spouses about it

Me - (yeah, I'll get sued for breach of privacy, and it has got nothing to do with my current line of work, and will probably cause divorces before marriage) yes great idea uncle

Uncle- see I told you this billion dollar idea, u should do hard work and make it

Just WHY in god's name do all uncles think laptop is a magic box in which I just have to type their idea in and it will spit out a website/software in 2 minutes. I don't go around advising them about their line of work.

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    Uncle- oh hack this app.
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    @404error uncle's kids- hack FB
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    give him unwarrented advice about his *job*. Make sure to use the same phrases when you suggest them: "billion dollar idea", "should be really easy to do".
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    I just refined your uncle's idea. A dating app which will hook people up based on their browsing history.
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    @essemmkayy will u be willing to give up your browsing history to an app?
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    @happypotter yeah if it gets me laid
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    The best response I know is "sorry uncle, not skilled enough for a huge like that!"
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    @essemmkayy haha and if you're laid with a girl with same browsing habits as u?;)
    Chances are, it's a guy pretending to be a girl. Welcome to the internet bro.

    A couple of my friends have smooched mobile recharges off a couple of other friends by making fake FB girl profiles. It was a lot of fun :D
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    @essemmkayy if you are straight, don't yo want some interested in the opposite of what you are...? If gay/bi then you want same searches. Assuming you look at as much porn as me....
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    @owithg who said something about porn bro. Browsing history is so much more than porn my friend.
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    It's not just uncles.
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