i have a very casual and boring job. it's a b2b company and you can get an idea of how less work we get (or how fast i am) that it's day 1 of the sprint and i have almost finished all my tickets. my manager always praises me as someone fast whereas i see myself as pretty slow and this company even slower.

i feel like quitting, but the relax environment and stability of the company on paper makes me wonder of that would be a correct decision.
It's a deep tech company (not just meat e commerce or car rentals, a proper b2b analytics giant startup with good profitability) , our sdks are used by major startups and yet i find it boring.

I am an android dev who would love to stay at top of the game. my previous company used latest jetpack libraries, kotlin, modular architectures and stuff. everyday was a hectic chaos of life where there were deadlines, new requests coming in every few days and i was becoming the awesome fast android dev that i am now.

in this company there is no challenge for me.But the amount of free time has helped me grow beyond a single domain. i am currently hustling in 3 areas : my body( i started working out regularly, got my tummy under control), my technical skillset( started taking web dev classes) and my physical skillset (started taking driving and swimming lessons) . the amount of self growth time increases since company has a good leave and PTO policy

it all feels pretty good but the constant feeling of being left out from the android domain makes me think if i should give interviews. am i being stupid or what? my friends are all growing up with better salaries and packages. i am way better than some of them and equally capable as a few of them, so i sometimes feel being behind in finances too :/

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    Don't be afraid of changing for something better because what you have is good enough.

    Get a second remote job at the jr level. That will fix your finances, but won't with stagnation.

    Devs like to work on cool projects. Go find a cool project, there's lots of open source stuff if you're still hesitant on moving.
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    I'm 100% certain that you didn't wrote comments

    You didn't do unit testing

    You didn't refactor code you might've seen while adding your "tickets"

    You didn't update general company documentation.

    So take a day or 2 more and do it well instead of pissing some undocumented code
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    I also work in B2B / B2C / B2 well anything really.

    There's hardly a day in the year I'm not busy with something.

    The biggest flaw with the B2B sector is the standard of documentation, as @NoToJavaScript said, stop pissing on the wall and adding to the culture of shit products in the B2B sector.

    If a task takes 8 hours, 4-8 more should be used for writing / updating tests, 4-8 more should be for updating documentation, and you could probably loose another 1-8 hours deployment planning and environment migrations, that's of course based on the fact you have seperate DEV, UAT / STAGING, and PRODUCTION environments 🤨

    If you don't have those, then there's a new task for you.

    So suddenly that 8 hour task is somewhere in the range of 25+ hours.
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    Sounds like to me you already ruined a good thing.

    Could have been taking the same amount of time your colleagues take, but work a second job to pull in double the income.

    Now that they know you're fast, they'll expect it.
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    @NoToJavaScript i will have to delete this post now to prevent my boss from seeing this, but here it goes.
    you are wrong. It's not because i miss documentation, testing, etc in my tasks , it's because the task itself are pretty small. infact most of my task ARE writing unit tests for the current SDKs to increase coverage. another of my task was to write a tech blog on a recent pipeline we created.
    the only major task that i got among the 3 tickets was to add 2 new functions. what company had expected from me was that being a beginner i would take time(the whole sprint?) identifying where the function is to be added, it's impact, etc.
    i not only understood the impact and identified the places very quickly, i also added its test case and usage example in the sample, in the same PR.

    this is partially why am not liking it here. am doing so small work, am not even feeling as a software engg
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    @sariel i have tried this, but am not sure how to pull it . i can't lie much and have a need to validate my task progress once in a while with my seniors. they also kinda want to know how am i doing, so it would be tricky to convert a 4 hour work into 2 days' work
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    @dotenvironment Scotty's principal states you pad "time to your estimates when asked how long a task will take so that you appear to be a wizard when you accomplish the task quicker than you first claimed."

    So pad, everyone does it.
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