So, i live in Venezuela, a country with a lot of economical and political issues. Back in December I talked to my boss an ask for a pay raise, he talked me a lot of shit about economical issues his has been having with the Enterprise and give my a raise plan til July (starting in December).

Now he comes to me and tell me he can't afford to pay me the rest of the raise, because he's now in difficult times. The funny thing is I've talked to him many times to point it out some things that are bad and will cause him money loss.

I really don't want to go because I love the people I'm working with (they have the same problem that I) but is fucking frustrating when all is going wrong and you have some ideas to solve it, ideas you have searched a lot and came with a plan after a bunch of investigation, you come up with the plan everybody seems to love it but after that nobody applies it.

I think there is no much more I can do

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    Your country is on the news here very often. Times seems to be hard very you live.
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    What's the company?
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    Take the co-workers you like to work with and start your own business
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    I have friends and family (by marriage) in Maracaibo so i know how hard things are for you folks just now. But as a previous poster mentioned, the situation in Venezuela is getting quite a lot of news coverage in the wider world so perhaps that will help to sort things out in the long run.
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    I wish people here in the States would care about what's happening in Venezuela. But alas, we have no financial interest, and hardly anybody gives a shit about their fellow man.
    Though if it helps, lots of libertarians in America are keeping a close eye on your country's situation.
    I feel for you and I hope it gets better soon!
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    Man I hope you are safe.. Venezuela seems not the right place to be right now.. If you can believe everything the media is telling us..
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    Good luck and stay safe down there. Maybe moving your team towards international work might work better until the local economy stabilizes.

    If the people are good, stay with them. It sounds like you have a really good boss who values keeping staff more than exciting raises. Everyone makes mistakes-- I hope he recovers from his financially.
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    suggest to your boss that the company should work for one day a week for foreign clients and money. The revenue goes to the employees. www.upwork.com or something similar.
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