I got told once that "You don't need pay if you love your job" - what kind of bullshit logic is that? ( I work as a volunteer programmer on a community project, but the game is for-profit and making a fair amount ). People these days...

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    Yup, totally agree.
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    You dont need much pay for something you love to do. That doesnt mean you do it for free. It means you are happy with enough to live a normal life.
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    @Codex404 Totally agree - but when even 3% of profits for the only programmer is too much then I start to go nuts
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    Do not get fooled, those expecting others to do things for free or a cheap price are often far richer than
    everybody else, and are greedy. They try to save every cent on your salary so they could by their new car next month. You should ask the right amount of money, based on your role but also on the responsibility you have. If you are the only dev in the project that's a hell of responsibility.

    Non profit and volunteering for something you care about is a good thing, but anything else is work and you deserve to be payed. And you deserve an adequate compensation for your work. Have you ever been to a doctor who applied a discount to his bills because he loved his job? Or bought a car and got a discount 'cause "I love selling cars"?
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    Wasn't the original quote something like "Chose a job you love and you never have to work again." ?
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    I work at a non profit, I still get a check.

    Just say well if you dont pay your workers than I guess doing the job is optional.
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    @ninjatini Good idea aha. 👍
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