Started new job at startup and finished all the development environment setup started development it was going smooth for one week.all the created API were working fine on the next day morning without any changes API's were giving cors error.asked my senior what must be the problem he said bypass cors and figure out the problem after trying for 1hrs i couldn't figure out what was the problem but API's were back to normal without any changes. then after sometime same day in zoom call i asked what was the problem he said show me the error but I couldn't reproduced the same cors error he then lectured me for 1 hrs and after that he said that learn to solve by your own dont come with silly mistake like this to me.
I don't know what was the problem he even refused me show to what the problem was.

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    our daily dose of "who should never mentor any person" was proudly sponsored by @expert
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    You're the only person who remembers fragments of what happened when you got the error, no one is in a better position to reproduce the issue than you. Once you can reliably reproduce it, other people can contribute.
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    But yeah, sounds like a terrible mentor.
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    To me, it seems the "manager" fsck'd up and, to save face, blamed it on the new guy.

    You just had your first taste. Be ready for more.
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    Check APIs repo see if anything related to configurations has changed if you suspect something pull that repo with that change and disable what you suspect to see if it works again.

    If this is a recent incident, go to commit history and check, if you figure it out keep it as a note and next time when this happens you know the fix to push

    Although from your rant it doesn't look like code change but a server config, if this happens again take a screenshot or even better a screen recording and keep it aside, show it when no one believes you
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    @gitpush thank will do from next time
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