I dont. I am a struggling junior whos back at mobile dev after 2 years of a break while working on that 2 for 2 years prior. I dont know. I get addicted to problem solving and also some unresolved childhood traumas are driving me to tryhard and sacrifice personal life in order to perform better in my job. I am afraid of failure so I will sacrifice everything whaf I can to be better.

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    Hell I came here to write this response. Mate, gimme a hug.
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    @mabbott94 for a second I was wondering about your proposal. Then I saw you're using mac.
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    Hey friend!

    Just keep at it and try to find a (more) senior who are willing to help you out when you get stuck.

    This might be difficult but keep a lookout for other job oppertunities as well if you can’t find support from the team at your current company. If you don’t get help and feel alone then you are-in-the-wrong-place! ♥️
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