I shut down my laptop at 1630. After that, I officially no longer give a shit until tomorrow morning. My phone has Slack and Outlook, but neither is allowed to even run in the background. They're there for when I need them, not for when someone a work needs me.

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    Things are getting out of hand. Employers sign binding contracts and for some reason expect us to worry as much as they do.

    I don't walk around defending that employees should get a share of the profits because in that case they should also have to pay a share of the losses.

    But if the employer wants shareholder level of concern they must have shareholder level of compensation; otherwise the employee is only paying you for X amount of your time, nothing else.

    That is why lots of companies grant shares to employees as a compensation to make the employee think that those shares will worth more according to how much work you put in
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    I have all notifications muted. I look at email, slack or whatever when I have the time.

    Otherwise I can't really get any work done. It's super stressful, because it's constantly beeping.
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    Myself sometimes need to start working earlier before people start working and in chaotic times I set teams to do not disturb and only allow my boss to talk to me. It's a s**t attitude culture wise but otherwise I can't focus, period
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    If you have your work divided right as a company, engineers should never have to answer these calls. It should be on ops and ops should rotate who is on call.
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