Buy a nice, clicky mechanical keyboard. The sound of Cherry MX blue makes me want to write code just for the pleasure of hearing and feeling my keyboard 😂

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    As long as you're remote. Try to bring those cherryblues into the office... I tried; the team wasn't amused...
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    If you really want to piss people off get Box Jades. They'll beg you to go back to MX Blues.

    Though imho all clicky switches sound like cheap ballpoint pens. Lubed linear switches are the real shit.
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    I tried a clicky keyboard, but the typing didn't feel right. So i switched back to rubber dome. Now i just fake the sound by firing an AK with one hand while typing with the other...
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    @deadlyRants Personally I hate the sound of lubed linear switches. Something about that dull thud makes me go absolutely insane
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    @12bitfloat Interesting. For me it's basically the perfect keyboard sound.
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    @deadlyRants I think it's just because it's so bass-y. I don't like overbearing bass and I hate being able to hear bass through my headphones. It may sound weird but the harsh click is somehow much easier on my ears
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    I got the brown switches which IMO are the perfect middle ground between the blue and the red. It has a small bump and makes a lower pitched clicking sound.
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    @Geoxion Browns don't make any clicking sound. Though they're not explicitly silenced like the MX Red Silent.
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    @deadlyRants ok, sure, they aren't clicky. They are clacky
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    @Geoxion yep I also go brown and in the office I got silencer rings added.
    Love that you can feel it without the sound.
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    funny. 1 year after i started using laptops and thus their keyboards, any type of clicking of any (standalone) mechanical keyboard became unbearably annoying to me.

    i love (certain) laptop keyboards. the one i have right now, for example, not sure what kind it is.
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