People are incredibly rude and ill mannered.

New company stories.

Whenever I am in office and having a conversation with a person, someone randomly appears (like those annoying pop-ups on websites) and interrupts the conversation and starts with their own.

I don't understand why people don't wait for the conversation to be over, or ask for permission (in case it is urgent).

Such behaviour derails the entire thought process and breaks the rhythm.

It's just beyond me. How difficult it can be!!!

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    Basic politeness requires education and respect, two things that are all to often in short supply.

    Same with common sense.
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    unless it is the CEO/boss. Then you let him talk.
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    But what if he is the CEO ☠️
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    How many monitors do you use for coding? I think two 27" ones is a sweet spot, but maybe I should get a good ultrawide instead.
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    @electrineer is this related to the rant ?

    My answer is 3
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    @Grumm why does your avatar only use a laptop
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    @UnicornPoo how many do you prefer?
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    i instead prefer 2 laptops than screens. with maic airplay, a mac can work as a device as well as a screen @electrineer
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    @electrineer can't afford upgrades on my desk 😥
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    I apply sarcasm, humor and passive aggressiveness to these sorts of situations.

    Repeat this out loud in either english or your native language, and make sure it flows fluently: "Oh I am sorry, did the middle of my conversation interrupted the beginning of yours?"

    Make a bitch go quiet, don't be the bigger person, take a break from that shit. Embrace the left hand path.
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    wouldn't it be funny next time that happens for u to just look at them and say "oh hey, a popup! close!" and then return your attention to the original person u were talking with
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    oh, i can't emphasise on how many times the thought flow got broken due to irrelevant interruptions; funny how the topic with which these "pop-ups" come with seems like a small talk 90% of the time.

    tl, dr; the ones who interrupt are probably having a kind of disorder where they seek attention.
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    I like to say that people that do this type of obnoxious interruption suffer from "Universe's Protagonist Syndrome".
    UPS sufferers believe that when two other people ("extras") are talking, the only consequence is delaying their next scene. Thereby, to prevent the universe from being too slow paced due to unnecessary world building, they cut the extra's scene short.
    After all, the entire universe exists solemnly as a location for their role of a lifetime...
    Sometimes I wish their life was written by G.R.R. Martin.
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    @JsonBoa I hope they will be eaten by a dragon in the first chapter :D
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    I teach kids and adults they all do that all the time and i think the fact that i smile and calmly ask them to wait will with time make them understand that it’s something they shouldn’t be doing and hopefully have a similar reaction to when someone interrupts them in the future
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    @Voxera I hate people who are uneducated/illiterate. It's difficult to rationalise and have a conversation with them. They refuse to understand logic/stats, and are dogmatic of their own ways.

    @Grumm being offended by a rude fuck and being idiot when not allowing the CEO to talk are two different things.

    @electrineer lol I hate you.

    @AleCx04 @Midnight-shcode I mean, I can be sharp with my tongue at times. lol I don't want to go that route or else I might end up getting myself fired.

    @JsonBoa narcissism.
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