Petition to ban vague naming, e.g. "Logo.jpg". Whose ****ing logo is that!?

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    > whose ***ing logo is that?

    it's MY logo!!
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    There's a font in a repo we have, and too this day I still don't know what it actually is.

    What fucking font is that?
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    My company called the image for the button to go back "preview.png" because they don't know the english for this word is previous
    The forward button is called "next.png"
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    @C0D4 look in the metadata!
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    it's already been banned for the past century, problem is, none of the criminals are ever brought to justice...
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    Yeah make it svg, confuse people more.
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    I once had a client that wanted some kind of pea seed shape popping out of their logo letter g... I coded that svg object to be named semen and now when you inspect the svg payload it still says semen.

    Best easter egg I have ever pulled.
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    @C0D4 we recently found a font file with the name of a different font, disgusting
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