What Unix tool would like to use in real world? Like superpower :)

I would choose grep.
- easy ads filtering with -f
- fast search in books

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    'sed' for sure
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    Toss up between

    yes "leave me the fuck alone"
    ssh toddler 'sleep 1000' &
    chown runfrodorun new-BMW
    less bullshit
    Bash the-shit-out-of-jackasses-who-mix-tabs-and-spaces.sh
    tar czf apartment.tar.gz /*
    (For moving)
    Ln -s workplace bedroom
    Sudo apt-get install knowledge
    man 1 women
    Man 5 IRS
    Sudo apt-get purge $(dpkg -S /etc/init.d/stress-creatord) mono
    Ssh fridge 'la -l | grep beer'
    Mv dishes cabinets/
    Ssh customer 'shutdown -r now'

    That's all I can think of right now.
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    man and apropos - i dont want to search a fucking manual.
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    Probably rm -rf, easily remove things i dont want.
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    Wget and ill be Donald trump getting anything I want ;) was initially thinking telekinesis actually!
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    @runfrodorun that was great! Also a year ago I would not have understood wla thing...
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    @Jellyg00se wget is old, use curl it can do do more.
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    @stop extra flags for the same job ;)
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    Definitely chmod. Just get in the bank and withdraw money.
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    First choice: alsamixer. I'd love to mute people or at least put their volume down sometimes.

    Second choice: locate
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    - man life
    - apt-get install [newstacktechnology]
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    'touch'... I'm so lonely.
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    finger and pkill
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