Wow did you know?

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    Complete bullshit.
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    So he was condemned to wear that hat which doesn't even fall after hitting a floating brick in the air...
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    And a moustache because it's much easier to see than a mouth would have been in that low resolution.
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    why not just change the sprite jumping anim
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    They could've made him a bald headed character and he'll be like "say my name" 😎
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    Sonic has spikes which also theoretically should move and they don't!
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    And princess gets replaced with small beanie wearing guy who swears a lot@manubhargav
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    I'm glad it was! Mario is weird with hair!
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    The programmers, eh?
    Not the artists?

    Using one sprite while jumping and another while falling adds two lines of code. Three if using an enum. But it was the programmers.
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    Not sure, but i think the issue was RAM related. I hear that back then it was scarce!
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    its just like me, "oh this is to hard, fuck thing of something to cover it up" xD
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    That's how, "It's not a bug, it's a feature" was Born.
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    Yup, I did. Also the first NES could only animate around 25 independent objects at the same time where the Atari 7800 could animate around 100. So the NES kinda sucked but was way more successful anyway
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    So its a design flaw 😱😱😱
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    It was not about difficulty of the code, but the space available on the cartridge in my opinion. For the same reason bushes use the same sprite as clouds.
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    @genex might be that also yes
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    @ParkCity there was no Sprite sheet by that time, just an array of bits (literally)..
    Also guys did you know that Mario and Luigi have the same body (really the same body) in a matter of memory, they just changed the main color to distinguish between them.
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