First of all sorry for lack of ranting
But this people started to behave.

UNTIL YESTERDAY. You gonna love it.

Junior coding front end. HE NOT TOUCHING BACKEND THANK GOD.
He realises his suggestion made him to do some changes in the code. Apparently that is the end of the wolrd "a developer proposing a change and then the code must be changed??? No no" that's how his brain works. Check this.

He decides not to do two pages for creating models so he combined two models in one page. TWO MODELS IN ONE PAGE. Sooo modelB depends on ModelA. Fine. front end:" so backend has to change because im doing this in one page"
Me:" mmm no, you said treat them as separate entities besides they are on the same screen"
He:" ok, but then if I create all together the modelB is going to raise an error"
(Let me tell you he says this with expert voice, because he said "raise" and "error" so he got technical now)

*my boss said some white noise irrelevant to the conv but he is happy because he contributed and is involved*
Me:"the way data is sent has nothing to do with the way data is shown"

He:" whatever crap he can say trying to prove his point desperately "
Me: "yes, but the backend is not going to change every time a form/page changes the way to display data"

He"i dont think u understand "
Me:" i think i do"

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    frontend driven development. we have all been there. I once saw a frontend dev send 64Kb of data to a REST endpoint that required 3 short strings "because that is how REST works". Say "no", and keep saying "no" until he gives up and does his job.
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    Maybe I am not understanding coming from a node background. But isn't you backend completely separated from front end? Why does making one or two model matters to the backend?
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    The cool kids have one API endpoint per consumer.
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    thanks @magicMirror I thought I was losing it.

    Yes, @tahnik totally separated. He doesnt get it. He changes stuff in a form hut the fields are the same and suggest to changes the backend.....
    When all he has to do is send the form.
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    I HATE the phrase 'I don't think you understand' when the person is actually wrong
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    @randomCoder this was me trying to keep calm
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