Apart from the fact that I arrived at a good framework at work to play in problem space than in solution space, this post is more about self realisation and a slight progress in my happiness levels.

Monsoons started in India. The vibe somehow had always been melancholic for me triggering SAD (aka seasonal depression).

However, this year I find it cosier than ever. Hot showers, lazing around on a holiday when it's pouring outside, watching my favourite show/movie. I feel very relaxed in the moment, even when work and life is not as expected/under control.

What I realised is that my problem can be solved. I need a bigger house. That would give me privacy, some personal space for hobbies, and put a barrier between me and parents easing the tension and clashes. I could then get married, and with all the money I will save (from not buying a house myself), can be used to pursue hobbies like music, art, travel, etc.

Whenever I relax, my sleep pattern changes where I have longer duration of deep sleep with many dreams (perhaps processing everything). Does anyone else experience such a phenomenon?

Anyway, life doesn't get easy or hard, we just learn to put up with shit.

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    So happy to see you happy, Bava!
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    even with a bigger house parents are too interrupting, atleast for me. and in the fights and their daily life, you will still get involved, once they raise their voice. maybe the interruption factor will reduce if you live on a seperate floor.

    not trying to demotivate you, just saying from experience that this option didn't worked for me. hope ot works for you though, good luck!
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    @Floydimus Good to hear.

    Can't you rent just a flat for yourself?

    Regarding sleep schedule... I don't dream.

    But whenever stress piles up, I usually have the "slept for the first time good day".

    This might sound fantastic, but it is not.

    It's the first day my body seems to relax, so I usually sleep longer, but after the first hour being awake I feel like a train wreck. A bit like in the movies when you have the ship being on light speed, then there comes this "swoosh" jumping out of light speed and for a short period of time everything is distorted.

    Next day everything is fine... It's just this one day where I feel like a train wreck.
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    Getting married and pursuing hobbies? Huh.
    Something that needs to be discussed before marriage and written in a contract.
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