Guys I am facing a dilemma and i want to hear your opinions.

The background story:
I am completely self taught, currently i am learning something totally unrelated to programming at the uni. Maybe one day when i've finished that shit I will apply somwhere for a job as a developer. Until that the self education continues.

I've recently finished a big sideproject. I've rewritten my father's old shitty joomla company website from scratch with complete cms and integrated stockkeeping and billing features. After some minor fixes it is working perfectly and honestly I am kind of proud of myself. Now that I have some free time available i need something to work on again.

TL;DR - Here comes the question:
Should I broaden my knowledge in webdev even more (there is much room for improvement and i am starting to get the grasp of it) or start digging into game developement (which is my dream for ages although i didn't have the courage to dive into it until now)?

I have project ideas for both but simply can't decide. :/

I am appreciate your time for reading && telling your opinion on this.

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    If game dev is your dream, then do both, make your games in web languages, this way, you'll improve both programming skills and game design skills. As you progress further into development, you may want to start digging into oop languages, like java, c#. It may help improving the performance of what you make, and of course, it's quality.
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    small web games are moving away fron flash, into html5 and JS. you can do both. go check out kongragate games, and see if you can make a similar things.
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    @Alfer @magicMirror

    Thank you for your answer. While it would be definitely a logical decision to proceed with the union, I don't really like web based games. I am rather into more complex 3d ones, i thought i would give unreal engine or unity a try. In unity one can even use javascript so i would feel less guilty, however I like the graphics of ue more.
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    It sounds like you really want to develop games. Go for it. Game programming is challenging and you will learn. Maybe you can use HTML5 or a game specific language.
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    I think you should first learn what will sustain you and in 99% of cases that is traditional development, especially Web. You can still do games later on in your spare time. Paying your bills with big pc 3d game development is almost impossible.
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    I started coding by learning game development, and i started with unity. I'm too self taught. Now I have 2 things to say to you

    1. If you can manage yourself financially for at least one year, go for the game development.

    2. I believe unity is perfect for someone who has no background is coding. If you've done stuff before (anything enough to understand what coding is), then definitely go for UE.

    there's one more reason to consider ue, which is if your 3d game in unity starts to become too complex in codes (and also graphically), then you'll have a really hard time optimizing the game to run smoothly on mobile devices. It's the reason I'm abandoning the game i made in unity to start it from scratch in ue.
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    Thank you for highlighting the financial aspect of the situation. Made it easier to decide. Being able to pay the bills is almost the most important and i highly doubt that i could make something significant in the game industry.

    I think ue has my heart. I will definitely dig into it in my spare time when i need some time apart from webdev. :)
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