I used to hate marketing.

But now, I realised how powerful of a tool it is.

Indians are dumb and wide majority are fucking illiterate out of choice.

Dumb morons. Add as much glamour as possible, and you will be able to sell these fuckers anything.

99% of the elders in my family are illiterate. Many of my cousins post fake success photos and market themselves in family group.

All the boomers think that the kids are doing well. No critical thinking. In reality, those cousins are struggling like crazy.

The boomers, including my retarded father, think that I am a useless piece of shit. According to them, I am a waste of oxygen.

Trust me, market well and you can make billions in Indian market.


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    Dont get me started on working with indian devs from agencies. Fucking hell
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    @AnxiousADHDGuy I can't believe I'm actually saying that, but.. Some [very few] of them are more than decent.
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    I see this post and wonder what kind of racist says this shit about Indians? Then I look and see it is @Floydimus. I think I knew subconsciously it was you. But I get a laugh that the most racist person towards Indians is actually Indian. Maybe racist is the wrong word. Critical might be more accurate.
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    @Demolishun i saw a joke saying if you suck yourself, that isn't masturbation.

    This is a similar situation. Indian criticising Indian isn't racism, its just a guy sighing (in this case, laughing with an evil emoji, ain't that right @floydimus bhai :P) over the current situation of his fucked up country
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    Heh. So you’re scamming vulnerable and uneducated( as you say not by choice) people and telling others to scam?

    Well atleast I agree with you that your parents didn’t do a good job of parenting you.

    And for the comment about the people from agencies, you fucking get what you pay for. You outsource to some crap agency because you need cheap labour, you get a bunch of interns who don’t know anything.
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    You can replace Indian with any other country.

    I mean it.

    Read some of the "right wing" press in several countries...

    It is amazing that some not only take this as the truth but even further deny every other truth.

    ... Depending on the article you read it might go from "Ok so that's believable" to "What... Why ... How...." Rereading it till you realize that you're stuck in an endless recursion.

    My favorite stuff regarding marketing & propaganda - the famous sugar / tobacco industry.

    Some of the ads are like 99.99 % lie that's solely believable cause they made the remaining 0.01 % believable.

    Like "now much healthier thanks to less sugar".

    - sugar reduced by < 1 %
    - still whole product has > 50 % sugar
    - unhealthy as fuck.

    But still sells better cause the "sugar reduction" is indeed seen as healthier...
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    @Demolishun The only reason I don't rant about Hungarians on the internet non-stop is that this is my safe space and I don't want too many of them to find me.

    Every once in a while they do, I acknowledge their presence and move on.
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    @foniho I'm pretty sure your account is hacked, you posted a shitton of spam comments lately.
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