A lite story about how i was hired at 16 years old.
Me at 11. Modifying HTML templates to create a sign up page for a game. Me at 14. Created some worthless websites in the past (at a training), barely knowing the structure of HTML.
Me at 15. Made my first website for a customer (using WordPress for the first time, didn't know how to use it before). The website was selling apartments, it was looking very good and went on the first place on SEO. Got my first money (100E).
Me at 16. Made some other WordPress websites for other customers (one of them still haven't paid, the website was made way back in 2015), so i shut down the website and replaced it with a text saying "This website is currently down until the customers pays the developer".
Me still at 16. A friend of my mom sent my CV to multiple companies, to work as a intern to learn more, and one of them accepted me for a interview (a well known and one of the best company with 30~ people)
Went to the interview, asked me about what i realized, what i can do, about my knowledges in others languages etc (forgot to mention that i love the computers from young age, so i was very good in them, specially at the age of 11), so they were happy about it and asked called me for another interview with the boss. Went to it, the boss asked me some tricky questions, i answered them immediately, he was very surprised about my knowledge at that age and accepted me immediately. After working for 2 weeks, instead of hiring me as a intern for 4-6 months, they instead hired me as a normal person, as a front end developer, for an undefined date, making 250 E / Month (6 hours per day in summer)
Now, I'm in the 11 grade, working for them about 9 months, making 315 E / Month, working for 4 hours per day after school, the place is cool, my entire team (family) is very funny and very cool, and they asked me many times to help them with different problems they had and i fixed them immediately (they really didn't know some stuff which i knew). Worked on big projects and worked on some from scratch by myself and they were very happy about how it went.

TLDR: was talented in computers (software), I'm a fast learner, barely knew about making websites, hired as a front end developer at 16 yr.

Btw, I'm in love with DevRant, I'm feeling like home everytime i visit this community :').

P.S. Sorry for my bad English and the mistakes i made.

alert("Thanks for reading my first rant!");

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    Nice, keep it up !
    Some inspiration for my lazy ass haha
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    haha, put your ass to work then! :p
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    Nice and all, but if you're the prodigy you say you are, why is your writing so bad? 🤔
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    @antons English second language?
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    I kinda did the same. I started with Joomla (pain in the ass CMS), then totally changed career direction, then changed again, now studying CS abroad and working as a developer when I have spare time.

    Anyway, I'd suggest you to keep studying, even if you believe you found the thing you will enjoy doing for the rest of your life. You can never now what will happen in the future. 🙂
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    So you work 20 hours per week, which is say 80 hours for a average month for €315? , what country do you live in if you don't mind me asking? That wage makes it look like your only getting €4 per hour?
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    How did you get your first customer?
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    @soolkiki so? Programming languages are English, documentation usually as well!
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    @needsmoreimages thank you! 😁

    @deusprogrammer No, i made this because i wanted to show off how the life takes you and wanted to inspire other young people too

    @antons because English it's not my native language and i have some problems writing in English, but i understand it perfectly

    @stefano that's nice! definitely i will not stop there, i will continue to learn more and more thing, so far i learned jquery, reactjs, nodejs, python and many more :D

    @smithalan2 i live in Romania. I get that much because i need first to finish the exams in the 12 grade and get my license in the college, in order to get my salary increased, because it's illegally to receive higher payment without a license in the domain (computers)

    @Deserter a friend of my mom told the someone (the customer), that im good in computers and he needed a website for his work (selling apartments) and contacted me and we meet and speaked about it. We still keep in touch.
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