Le Me: well it is the time to go back on that Android project and resume the work.

*Open Android Studio, open the project.
*Wait 10 minutes for build/index
*error: gradle outdated, that is ok, update it.
*error: some library needs update
*error: R not found
*error: internal IDE error.

*Clean Project: PC hangs, Fan go so fast..

Shit ! I even not touched the code !

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    maybe it's time for new machine?
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    No, it's time for a better IDE for Google
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    @lazyDev Interesting is the fact that Android Studio is built using IntelliJ IDEA as a base. And IDEA is one of the most popular (and most loved) java IDEs. I wonder what happened...
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    True, though everything else is really good!
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    That happens to me if I haven't opened Android Studio in a while lol
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    Every damn time
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    Except for the grade updates and some longer (but never 10 minutes) gradle builds I never had such issues
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