HR: why you want to work with us.

Me inside: you stupid, because you need my skills and I need your stupid money, stop reading articles about stupid interview questions.

Me: because I love to work on such amazing environment, and I really love the technology you're using.

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    And you have a fucken vacancy for a developer.
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    What's the environment of your company before?

    Me: There's a one eco-friendly lamp, an abstract construction painted frame, and mac computers.

    Oh! Your plant looks good. (Points out a plant near the HR's chair)

    HR: (Smirks) Artificial only. But your the first person who admires that. You can now proceed to the skills exam, btw. ;)

    Me: (meh)
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    HR want to see if you are human. So they ask questions to make sure we pass the turing test, while sometimes, they fail the same test.
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    If everyone feels the same and those hrs knows it.... Why do t we answer plainly?
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    Any HR on devrant ?
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