Is it just me or does being a programmer sometimes feel like being a magician. It's such a weird profession. You're living in a bubble, nothing you create is physically tangible, yet anything is possible, and there is always more learn.
Most of the time it's art. Commenting out dead or obsolete code instead of removing it just because it feels like you put a little bit of yourself into it, even though it has no use anymore.
I sometimes wonder if there is any other profession out there that makes you ride the same rollercoaster of satisfaction, frustration, glory and defeat we've all been on.

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    put like that gambling
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    My job title is Web Magician 🎩
    I don't have an official title, other than Developer. I do everything I love.

    Working on new infrastructure for our company, creating a deal with a hosting service, improving the speed of our website, flying the company drones, engineering our own drone that fits our needs, creating a camera rig for photogrammetry... gosh, I'm like a janitor?
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    Whenever someone tells me that programming is boring, I tell them that it's like you're playing God with an universe of 0s and 1s...and if that is boring, I can't imagine what isn't 🤔
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