Was on call last night. I get a phone call at 3 am that all of our clients projects (including one that was launching at 5 am) was missing libraries (thus causing the sites to not work). I was able to fix all of the errors but one (missing jQuery). Couldn’t figure out how to fix for the life of me. Had to call my boss and wake her up because I forgot I could just download it from the site. Feeling like a failure for something so small.

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    It was 3am and you were woken up, no one can blame you. As the famous quote goes "nothing good ever happens after 3am"
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    WTF is that shitty process behid that? Why is there a launch planned, and it turns out only two fucking hours before that something is missing? Why does a rollout even happen when there's just someone on backup call shift?

    That's the hard questions that need to be asked, and guess who is responsible for processes, including shitty ones? Management, the first line of which is your boss.

    So you could do a constructive, less ranty postmortem and suggest to improve processes so that things get properly tested before a rollout. Next time, it might be a more serious issue.

    In any way, don't feel guilty just because you were at the end of sloppy processes where the shit finally hits the fan.
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