With Atom being discontinued I guess I have to start looking for a new IDE.

Visual Studio Code seems to be #1 choice.

I don't get why.

1. Search
It pops up in the small side bar. Can't see which of the findings I am actually interested in.

2. Open file in Solution Explorer
Found the shortcut to open SE after my failed search. Trying to navigate files with keyboard. Enter does not open the file. Neither does CMD+Enter, Option+Enter or Shift+Enter, but CTRL+Enter does! In a new tab which only covers *half* of the window! Wtf.

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    Coming from atom, grab the atom keyboard mapping extension and save yourself a headache.

    The key bindinds are so different between the two

    Atom to vsCode takes a bit of getting used to, but vsCode is a lot more extensible then atom and it's outdated coffeescripts.
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    Vs code written in election creates by atom lol

    Never used the editor though

    Discontinued or final ?
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    Vs code isn't so awful

    Its int lntellisense is getting better as are it's extensions
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    You could also try JetBrains IDE's, in my opinion they are better than vs code, but you will need to pay for the licenses and learn something completely new.
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    @nemetepst oh god don't !
    I used to like them but they're resource heavy as fuck now ! And their layout isn't that intuitive either at least in pycharm

    Vs code is actually pretty good for python

    Not so sure about custom build environments mind you like where you change the pathing on custom built libs at configure and then install them and their package files there and need to set the pythonpath path and pkgconfig vars for example for them to work but yeah
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    @AvatarOfKaine Yeah they are not lightweight as vs code, I don't code in python so I cannot say how good is pycharm, but for Intellij IDEA and Clion I can say I prefer them over vs code.

    Also their autocomplete is just better, every time I try vs code I'm kinda disappointed in it.

    The thing with JetBrains IDE's is that they are enterprise applications with many features, and what most people don't realize is you can remove/hide them in settings - whole layout can be changed to how you like it.

    But again this takes time, if you don't want to spend that time use vs code.
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    @nemetepst yeah CLion is the shit. Too bad, i have to pay for licenses, because we dont use it at my company.

    I probably will continue using Atom until it doesn't work for my use case anymore.
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    Jetbrains. Their IDEs are insane and the plugins don't look like scam.
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    @nemetepst I don't really do anything from scratch in c
    But I did look at the clion trial and wasn't that impressed
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    Adding some more to my original post:

    CMD+O stopped working. CMD+H never worked, but CMD+M instead - not always though ..

    At some point VSC started adding random rectangles in my editor (they are not spaces, and not indicating line limitation). They disappear when clicking in one of lines, but appear somewhere else then.
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    Atom is not an IDE. I'd suggest you Vim. And I don't get it neither.
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