Ok finally, I can tell now.

There's a college project I'm in with 2 more people that uses Python and AnyLogic (separately).
We also need to write some LaTeX, so as I was already using PyCharm for the Pyshit, I used it for the LaTeX and for Git.
I used it for Git too because I didn't know how it used Git and was worried that if I used the console it didn't recognize something or glitched out or something. And what the hell, it's a mature IDE, what could be so hard or possibly go wrong?

I had to re download the repo a couple of times because between pushes, pulls, merges and commits something happened and the repo ended in a weird state.
These are all the things I do:
Add, commit, create branches, merge, push, pull and delete branches.

So, I hadn't opened in some time. The last time I tried to bring something from another branch, and stayed up late to finish something. I was waiting for my classmates to join the call when I thought something like "Hey, I should commit what I did until now, it worked great.". When I examined the IDE I found out I was in the middle of a rebase or something. I start clicking buttons to at least try to commit. I press "Skip Commit". I lose everything.

What the fuck‽ As you can see in the comprehensive list above, I never do something similar to a rebase. Apparently when I tried to merge a couple of branches, the stupid IDE thought I tried to do a rebase and never asked me to finish it. Why do something I have never asked? Plus, why haven't you prompted me to finish the operation? That's so stupid. I'm never trusting IDEs again.
I was so lit for losing so many hours of work I did a couple of weeks before, I would have to think it and do it all over again because of something I never asked.

We spent an hour looking for a way to recover the lost code.
Why an hour, you ask, if you can use the Local History for that in PyCharm?
Because none of us had used it before and the articles we found said that you had to open it from the toolbar. From the toolbar it was greyed out.
Then I found the option in the contextual menu of the files. Recovered the LaTeX files but on the AnyLogic files, it was greyed out.
I had to open the Local History of the folder containing the AnyLogic file.
And that was that.

I almost faint.
Fuck Python, fuck PyCharm.

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    Maybe did you set a Flag in your gitconfig to rebase?
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    @jonas-w At all. :/ I'm used to other defaults, I guess.
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    vscode is better for python.

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    This sounds like some weird interaction between PyCharm and Git. What does this have to do with Python?
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    @Demolishun Nothing directly. Indirectly, having to use Python is the reason we are using PyCharm for Git and LaTeX.
    Plus, do you need a reason to say "Fuck Python."?
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    @c3r38r170 I like Python. Always was fun to program because it was like Legos. I always do my scripting for fast things in Python because is better than shell scripting.
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    is like meant to be a shrine to all of us once we're dead ?
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    This is why I choose to do all my commits outside of the IDE. I do all my basic stuff on Git Desktop and the weird complicated stuff on Git CLI.

    Rebases are beautiful on Git Desktop imo. Stashes are absolute shit on Git Desktop, so I use Git CLI.
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