concious inclusion training: we want you to talk and share about a bunch of shit that's illegal to ask in interviews: age,sex, orientation, family status, religion, values, gender identity, ethnicity etc

what the fuck do any of these things even have to do with the job?

im confused but whatever

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    Where do they want you to talk about them? In the training, an interview, or just generally all the time?
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    Here's what these things have to do with job: some of the poorest-performing employees need a reason to justify their poor performance, and they need everyone to share those details for them to claim their poor performance is due to some kind of discrimination.
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    When companies I work for ask my ethnicity I say: native american. They cannot dispute it, it is factual, I am just not of the typical descent that makes that claim. It is also none of their fucking business.
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    I'm guilty of asking these types of questions.

    I ask them when I'm actually excited about the candidate and feel more open about shooting the shit with them as a coworker. At this point there's nothing they can say that would deter me from hiring them unless they share they are a Nazi or some stupid shit.
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    @sariel Or worse, a SJW
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    @electrineer the training recommends we talk about them in general i think
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