Made a website for a friend's parents in 2015. Months later after the website was finished, I haven't been paid. Reminded them about the money, they say they will call me. No call received. So, I turned the website into this. (image)
2017, still haven't been paid.

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    lol rekted
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    Take me ++
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    Lol the old error 402, payment required 😛
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    Quite satisfactory, I am pretty sure. Though, not the right move if you plan to move to freelancing job. Taking the site down: it's ok. Redirecting to a "temporary unavailable", sounds great.
    But highlighting the worst possible image in the front page of the representative page for the company? Unwise.

    This 'universe' is based on network, professionality and cold mindsets.
    Undoubtedly deserved, still a sort of castrating move on your side. If the word of the bad publicity is spread, it will be hard for you to find other clients.

    No offence, though, just my thought.
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    Why not say "website under construction" and then redirect to your own website after 3sec?
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    @-eth I'm not planning to go on freelancing, I already have a job, so I don't really care what they say about me, they didn't paid after all
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    @tkglaser I don't have a personal website, and I put that message because I wanted to get their attention to get finally paid
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    Thats bad for your portfolio bro
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    Park the domain, get some ads on it and get paid in cents per year
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    @-eth this is the most subtly ESL thing I have ever read, but all of it is sadly true.
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    @rm-rf-star would you mind elaborate ESL?
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    Well, an all is a product, not a company. The bad review lies in the play store / ios market. Not on the devs website. Just like Amazon review.

    Yelp? Closer, but still a 3rd party site (not used in certain countries, such as mine, since it has been used unfairly and its completely useless).

    There might be a lot of different reasons for them to delay payment, as they might be struggling, and expecting some revenues (even from the site)

    and, above all, this action it's just revenge, not a solution. In this field you are fairly commonly paid to find solutions. It shows your level of professionality to the next client.

    And yes, it happened to me as well, not to be paid by a company for which I developed an app.
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    After this i think you'll be like this to them.
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    I did that once to a bad client, he came running the next day and paid me.
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    This happened to me once and I set up an auto-redirect to pornhub...
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    Oh, it means English as a second language. Your comment straddled the line of sounding like a native speaker and a non native speaker so perfectly that it was interesting enough to mention.
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