Should I download tinder? I’m probably accepting I’m like a 2/10 at this point lol.

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    Tinder and the like only made me feel miserable. A ton of people in there use it to boost their self esteem and have no intention of meeting anyone.
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    Start going to random places and asking for numbers. It works more often than you'd think
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    @connormon what's a good pickup line?
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    @fruitfcker any rope tied to a truck *buh-dum-ch*
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    dont bother

    bots everywhere

    legit whores

    cam/stream/instagram/tiktok follower baiters

    liars galore

    everyone has high expectations with nothing to offer or expects you to take care of their kids or problems

    the system is rigged to keep you on there and try to get you to pay

    my fuking god what a cespool

    oh - and forget it if you live near any borders you cant cross. wtf are borders? how would you possibly program borders? this person 1000 miles away? wdym you set the location to X miles away from me?
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    @zlice you mentioned the main thing. Most of these applications are built to keep you there, not to get you a partner. They will only really help you if you look like a super model.
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    If your self esteem is low or average, DO NOT download Tinder (or any dating app, for that matter). Just trust me on this one.
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    I think you should download it. It'll get you down to 1/10.
    *Based on personal experience*
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    A less depressing way of using dating apps is to just create an actually honest profile and go full passive. You probably won't find a relationship that way - but you also won't experience tons of rejections and pointless dates. And if someone contacts you, it is either a bot, a sex worker or someone who at least likes your photos and what you said about yourself.
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    Wouldn't it just be better to go to a tech meetup or something? Find people with similar interests?
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    If you're not at least a high 7, good luck as a man on tinder lol
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    Honestly you won't be meeting anyone through a dating app. Also, a great way for you to go from 2/10 to 6/10 from women perspective is to add just a little self confidence there. Women do care about physical appearance but nowhere near as much as men, so as long as you don't look like a troll you should be fine with just a little self confidence and drive.

    Once you're done working on your mindset, I wouldn't disregard internet. It's still a great way to find an amazing match because the pool is so much larger. But with a large pool comes a need for great filters. Dating apps, especially Tinder, don't filter anything, it's a shithole. You have greater chances of finding a good match by commenting something on social medias than by scrolling Tinder for ages.

    When it comes to physical places, you won't find any quality woman in basic people places like bars or whatever so forget about that if you're trying for a serious relationship.

    Honestly, just go about your life and it will come.
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    @glemiere do things that you enjoy doing and sooner or later, you'll find it. Forget about dating for a little, just focus on yourself, being healthy and happy.

    By doing what you love, you'll find someone sooner or later that would work perfectly in a relationship. Don't let the frustration turn you into a black hole. Take good habits, move forward with your life and you will become naturally a lot more attractive. Not just attractive in a physical way, but litterally you will be attracting more people towards you including possible play mates ;-)

    So to conclude:
    - Be healthy physically and mentally
    - Have your shit together professionally and personally (good career, clean house etc)
    - Be happy, do what you love and focus on the positive, not just the fact that WE MORONS ARE BURNING OUR ONLY SPACESHIP
    - Have a better mindset, be self confident and driven (can be greatly achieved by doing 1 above)

    Secret bonus: you go from 6/10 to 9/10 when you stfu and listen.

    You'll make it 🙌
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    sure, there's nothing better for your self-esteem than judging people while shitting ;)
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    @glemiere tl;dr
    show that you contain and are willing to serve up what women want and they will pretend they like you to get it.

    good advice to achieve the wrong goal ;)

    (p. s. good career ( == lots of money to spend on a woman) is the most important part. if you're rich enough, nothing else matters, same as if you're sexy enough nothing else matters)
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    @Midnight-shcode you really don't get women man
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    @fruitfcker "hey baby, you ever had your asshole liked by a fat man in a trench coat" usually does the trick
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    Co-Ed sports r a great way to meet other people and get close to them
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    You better practice a sport or get a hobby. Do something different. It might help.
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