Let's see how many liars are on this site.

what year do you all think it is presently, as you liv e and breathe and walk about, not related to events that have occurred and reoccurred and do so often because of the ridiculous shit system of denial. cruelty and idiocy most sane minds reject and you people lie about for some esoteric reason.

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    Well it's not 2015 yet, I still don't have flying cars and hoverboards

    That's got to put it somewhere near 2005 🤷‍♂️
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    The year is currently 1984 and will remain there for the foreseeable future.
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    at a guess. and mind you this is a guess. given I was born in 1981, I would say the year is somewhere around 2040. i would guess I'm a very well aged late 50s. but they call me 40. and then 30 again. at points.

    what a waste of time and energy and if nothing matters why not just give me a house and put me around the remaining humans ? then all of you could keep eating each other happily and i wouldn't be so sad and tormented all the time.
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    @Demolishun spiritually you're close.
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    i'm still here and remembering alot of things. except how this current pattern of events ended which makes me think someone needs shot.
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    heh this is hell only with lo mein and air conditioning.
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    i sometimes wish i'd been born strip pole ready. i see some strippers in their 50s now and people still pay them heh
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    here i am watching the same tiny super hero crawl into a man's penis and explode his lower half as he sneezes and regains his full size by mistake.
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    The concept of civilizations arose around agriculture around 12,000 yeas ago.

    Many people consider this a huge mistake.
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    But technology wise probably 2011
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    According to https://ismarchoveryet.com, today is March 879th, 2020.
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