Why is it what so many developers think that they are the sole genius surrounded by idiots and completely lack in interpersonal skills or the ability to see other people's arguments as valid? Honestly, with some people it's like working with an emotionally stunted teenager. I literally spoke to someone yesterday who thinks it's impossible to come to a compromise or agreement about anything unless there is a third party to arbitrate and mindlessly insists on his own way in literally every disagreement, even after admitting his logic is faulty. It's like watching a spotty 17 year old argue about politics online I swear it.

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    In programming I think we tend to have more people who are lacking a normal social life and empathy and programming generally doesn't require active interaction with human beings...
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    that's why I prefer web development over programming. What's the point of building an internet connecting people all over the world if not communication? Otherwise, people could just buy Sudoku magazines and a chess board and lock themselves in their rooms, I guess.
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    and I don't care anymore if anyone considers CSS and HTML programming languages or not
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    Like Sheldon? Lol
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    @voodoo14 I actually always kinda liked Sheldon tbh. Though the sleepy kitty routine was hella obvs
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