Another day, another time exporting svgs from Figma, sizing them, and exporting them to png into our app as the developer.

But no, I get it, what designers do is extremely taxing on the brain and any additional steps must be excruciating! Let me do anything that requires even the lowest of double-digit IQ! After all, I'm your local resident full stack clown™️!


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    I would format-shame them shamelessly.
    "I need this as a 500×300 PNG. What? Why me? You can't do it? Do you even know what a PNG is? And you call yourself a designer? Oh so you know. Then do it. What's that? It takes time? It really takes you time to turn an SVG to a PNG? What a loser."
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    Eh, better to do it yourself and know it's done right than leave it to some failed ponytail that couldn't get a job as a real artist and also doesn't have the basic front end skills to implement their own designs.
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    @NotJeckel +1 for "failed ponytail" 🤣
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    Why do you need to turn svg to png?
    Browsers can handle it, and it scales.
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