A year since the Group Manager stepped into the position, 4 team leads have moved to other companies.
He is known to be politician/manipulative..

Guess what, Now there's a new Team Lead position and I was offered it.

It will be a step up for me, from senior engineer, and in other circumstances I would take the job in a heartbeat.

I guess it is not the time to step into leadership role.

What would you do?

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    Dear XY,

    given the recent employee turnover regarding the position of XY, I'd recommend an external hire for the position with more experience.

    Based on my lack of experience I decline the offer.


    Look for a new job.

    The position is literally the executioners chopping block.
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    Take promotion, move to new company with new title if shit goes south.

    Win/win for you.
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    Same thing here.
    Depends on the group manager. Does he listen to his TLs? when he says he will do something, does he do it? Will he go the extra mile for his team?

    if no, then say no, and leave asap.
    if yes, the TL it is.
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    Same as @C0D4 says.
    Grab the title, try out the position, run eventually.
    You might turn out to be a politician.
    No offence, when speaking to you, @noyloy.
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