Are you ready for the only really useful advice on devRant that is not judgmental, simple, and instantly applicable?

Here it goes. If you have hiccups,
1. Inhale your full lungs until you can’t inhale anymore
2. Hold your breath as long as you can
3. Exhale carefully

This will “reboot” your breath cycle, and that conflict between breathing and other things that causes hiccups will go away.

Repeat if needed. Breathe slowly and carefully after you finally exhale.

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    Been doing this for ages, can only recommend.

    Do note though that the method's efficacy rapidly declines with drunkenness, so if you're hiccoughing from that it'll take a lot of tries to stop it.
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    Now I know 🤔
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    Kiki: cyberpunk biohacker n shiit.

    Now, better question: is there a way to poop on command? Because waiting for that shit is time consuming.
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    Related advice:

    You can get rid of a boner in a matter of seconds by flexing your biceps. This can also get rid of the associated mind fog to some extent

    You can avoid a sneeze by pressing down on the little well between your nose and upper lip

    You can slow your heart down just by focusing on it, it's a bit like flexing a muscle deep within your chest. After eg. rushing to the bus this is the best way to get your body back in normal operation. Before I knew this I'd pant like I'm dying for up to 10 minutes.
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    My solution is slightly different. I honestly tried everything and this method is truly the one that works for me:

    10 Inhale bit by bit until you can't inhale anymore.

    20 Hold your breath as long as you can.

    30 Exhale slowly

    40 goto 10
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    For me, it helps to inhale as much as you can and swallow while holding your breath. Makes it go away in seconds.
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