I'm sick of a toxic soup of ways to test frontend.

Throw in vitest, jest,jsdom, testing library, @testing-library/jest-dom, together and you are left with n^2 ways things can be configured.

Why on earth do I need to import anything to do with Jest when I am working with a vitest project.

I think such tools are made to get invite opportunities to speak at conferences.

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    Uhm, it doesn't say anything about installing jest, does it? Only jest-dom.

    (Wait, it reminds me of React soup...)
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    "To get invites to speak at conferences."

    And now you are starting to understand.

    The "conference->celebrity clout->self advertising->big five hiring" grift is real.
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    @vintprox react is garbage. StencilJS by ionic is what react should have been. Just a web component compiler. You can't build a whole project off that shit for God's sake. Wrong tool!

    I hate hype driven development so much.
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    @glemiere I was gonna check out stenciljs but it uses classes in JavaScript so I instantly lost interest. You can't look at the way classes are defined and used in JavaScript and conclude that this is preferable to a functional or even procedural approach
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    I understand preferring classes in Java, C#, or C++ where they're powerful representations of visibility and structure and the unit of assignability. In a sense, writing a class is the most direct and versatile way to create a type in these languages.

    In JavaScript, classes do none of that. They allow you to specify a factory and globally accessible fallback for a dictionary.
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    @lbfalvy the classes you're talking about are just a syntaxic sugar. It's TypeScript. These get transpiled to regular javascript functions.
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    But my Node installs a quadrillion of transitive dependencies in decillion versions.

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    @glemiere Classes are native to evergreen browsers
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