Sales Guy: Hey Man, you know what? you should go back to college and advance your knowledge in Software Engineering. This way you will be an expert in programming and handling the Servers.
Me: I started programming at the age of 17 and started handling servers by the age of 18. Can I ask you something if you don't mind?
Sale Guy: Yea sure I don't mind anything
Me: Get the fuck out of here

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    Omg I just died laughing.
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    This is hilarious :D
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    that was more of a command than a request

    but dude, i hate it when people grossly underestimate your potential, or even your polished abilities

    i feel for ya
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    @ParkCity The falla only chills whole day at work. He is like a ball of the HR.
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    Why r u like this? He wants to see you a better engineer but no, arrogance got its way into you 😒
    Plz tell me u kicked his ass 😔
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    @gitpush haha nah I didn't kick his ass. Maybe someday when he fucks with me again.
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    @error503 don't forget to share images with us 😂
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    It's like when sales guy starts a sentence with: "All you have to do is..."
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